Anuj Ramatri

Anuj Ramatri

Anuj Ramatri is an Indian social media influencer and social worker. He is extremely popular on social networks for his environmental awareness video. He is also the founder of a social group named EcoFreak with a mission to save our environment.

It’s promising to parcel the story of a person whose goal is to share stories of Real Life Heroes who are working for the betterment of the Environment. That’s Anuj Ramatri, a Delhite eco freak with a heartwarming tale of his own.

Along with his employment as a film director and an editor at Purani Dili Talkies, he borrows his filming and editing skills to shovel deserving stories. He displays people’s endless endeavors from all over the world toward establishing a friendly environment. The sustainable ideas and innovations of the planet’s “heroic ecofreaks,” like the idea of not buying but borrowing cloth bags, turning coffee cups into sneakers, and Vegan leather spread awareness and inspire many.

Anuj Ramatri also creates short and crisp videos on Instagram and Youtube, educating us about cutesy creatures and showing us small steps to evolve into sustainable beings. His video, ‘2 changes in our life to teach our kids,’ has been seen 2.7 million times and makes us reflect on our unconscious behavior adversely influencing our and other species’ shared environment.