Nayana Premnath

Nayana Premnath

Nayana is educating society about baby steps toward sustainability.

Living a sustainable life and being vegan seems luxurious? Well, that’s a myth and it’s been debunked by the eco-conscious individual Nayana Premnath. Nayana has been educating society about baby steps toward sustainability.

She has been posting videos on Instagram and YouTube disclosing her tiny sustainable habits but enough to make Mother Earth pollution free if done by all of us together.  Borrowing, repeating and reusing clothes, reusing branded empty containers- all the middle-class households be like, “hum toh yeh sadiyon karte aa rahe hai ”. True! Nayana is making these routines into traditions and making us all appreciate and not be embarrassed by them.

Along with these basics, Nayana informs us about carrying cloth bags all the time, recycling plastic packets, and carrying empty steel tiffin in restaurants to fill the leftovers. Her efforts were reflected when the video was widely shared where her father himself filled the tiffins with leftovers in a fancy diner.

Nayana spoke about her struggle with eco-anxiety during her TEDx Talk. She also had recently won Cosmo Sustainability Influencer of 2022 and proudly said that even in that function she borrowed her sister’s clothes letting us know one doesn’t take a holiday from being sustainable.