A good early childhood education will teach methods of talking to others, both for socialization and for clear communication. Children will be able to engage in simple, fun physical games such as “Ring Around the Rosie,” and be able to use coordination in toileting, self-cleaning, and enjoyments involving gross and fine motor skills.

A child will know manners in both majority and minority cultures and use them with the aim of communication. He or she will recognize people in social roles, including the police, the letter-carrier, and the firefighter. He or she will recognize the day of the week, the date, the season, and the weather.

I started reading when I was two or three. I’d rather the child learn at the age most congenial to him or her. In good centers, children should at least listen to stories, and know their conventions; begin playing phonics “games”, and finding the point of simple stories. I think we’ve botched teaching numeracy for years. A good education will start children playing with patterns, and counting and measuring when they can. Little scientists will find scientific rules and categorizations from their experience: water play, examining items through unbreakable magnifying glasses, and categorizing animals into different classes.

Finally, a child will know certain tasks, including laying out eating utensils, putting playthings and other items in their “homes,” and bringing items upon request.

In short, the benefits of educating young children are in strengthening their skills, allowing them to enjoy more experiences, and introducing them to the society in which they live.

Children are the second chance you get to correct your mistakes. You don’t want to repeat the same mistakes you did in the past.

Your behavioral traits do pass on to the child just like any genetic memory or ailments. But you have a choice to control and change them from following any mistakes you did in the past. Just ensure you don’t force them to be like someone they don’t want to be. Allow them to experience but guide them (human beings do not have a user manual like gadgets to read and try yourself) through stories and cultural teachings. Be with them, walk beside them till you think they can take care of their own.

Unless you get their trust and create a bond with them it is difficult in making the child a good human being. To teach a child you have to become a child with the knowledge of an elder. Don’t overpower them because you are the guardian.

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