Political awareness is a key component of empathy, which in turn is part of Emotional Intelligence.

Some commentators have suggested that political awareness is about sensitivity to public policy and government, and the agendas driving politicians.

In its broadest sense, however—and certainly in the sense in which it is used in Emotional Intelligence—political awareness is about understanding the ‘currents’, or hidden agendas, in an organization, and particularly the power relationships.

Political awareness is a force for good, and for getting things done in organizations, and it is an essential skill in life.

Political awareness is not only about politicians; it’s also about ourselves. Generally, we want a better world, but ideally, that should happen with a minimum personal effort.

Ok, now you are asking how or why are these anecdotes relevant to being politically aware. The answer is simple and straightforward – we all have to do our bit to change the world for the better. To overcome our problems as a society, we all should do our fair share. A simple way to better understand your community’s problems and observe potential solutions is to involve yourself or volunteer in different activities.

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