कल्याणी बत गाथेयं लौकककी प्रततभातत मे । एतत जीिन्त्तमानन्त्दो नरं िर्षशतादवप॥

Kalyaanee bata gaathheyam laukikee prathibhaati me Ethi jeevantam aanan do naram varsha shataadapi...!!


The saying “If one continues to live, happiness and bliss may come even after a gap of a hundred years” seems to me an auspicious one. [Context: Sita’s words to Hanuman from whom she hears news of Rama and Lakshmana and their efforts to kill Ravana and the Rakshasas and release her from captivity. She had earlier contemplated suicide but now she realizes that living was a good thing because happiness will not elude one for ever.]...!!

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