कृतार्थं प्रति नष्टमप्यनष्टं तदन्यसाधारणत्वात्॥२२॥

Kṛtārthaṁ prati naṣṭamapyanaṣṭaṁ tadanyasādhāraṇatvāt||22||


Even though (api) disappeared (naṣṭam) with regard (prati) to one (Puruṣa) who has accomplished his purpose (with it) (kṛta-artham), that --i.e. "the object or knowable"-- (tad) does not (really) disappear (anaṣṭam) because of being common (sādhāraṇatvāt) to others (anya) (too) --i.e. "other Puruṣa-s also might use it even after its having been utilized by one of them previously"--||22||

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