क्षीणवृत्तेरभिजातस्येव मणेर्ग्रहीतृग्रहणग्राह्येषु तत्स्थतदञ्जनता समापत्तिः॥४१॥

Kṣīṇavṛtterabhijātasyeva maṇergrahītṛgrahaṇagrāhyeṣu tatsthatadañjanatā samāpattiḥ||41||


When a weakened (kṣīṇa) fluctuation of mind (vṛtteḥ) (finally) arises consequently --that is, when the mental fluctuation is lastly weakened and the mind attains stability-- (abhijātasya), (this fluctuation behaves) like (iva) a (transparent) gem (maṇeḥ) in respect of the knower (grahītṛ), the instrument of knowledge (grahaṇa) and the knowables --grāhya-- (grāhyeṣu) --which are all objects of mental concentration--. (This, as it were,) act of assuming the color --nature-- of any near reality (tad-stha-tad-añjanatā) (by that gem-like weakened fluctuation of mind, is known as) Samāpatti or Engrossment (samāpattiḥ)||41||

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