16 Positive Things You Should Learn From Varanasi/Kashi

16 Positive Things You Should Learn From Varanasi/Kashi


Varanasi is like Kashi. It has been known by many names since ancient times, but Varanasi & Kashi are the most famous. This city is situated near Ganges River. It is a holy place for ‘Hindus’. Varanasi is also known as ‘City Of Ghats’.

These are some of the things you should learn from Varanasi/Kashi :


  • Indian Culture :


Since ancient times the city has witnessed many rivalries. But one thing is sure, it has still kept its culture alive. It’s true what people say, ‘Indian Culture rests at Varanasi/Kashi’. Varanasi/Kashi is the place where Jainisam, Buddhism,& Hinduism have left their signatures since ancient times.


  • Spirituality :


You will find spirituality everywhere in Varanasi/Kashi. When you are in Varanasi/Kashi you don’t need to learn Spirituality, it becomes part of your day-to-day life. You just have to believe.


  • Rawness :


Varanasi/Kashi is not a well polished city, it’s raw in its nature. Whenever you go to Varanasi/Kashi, you will always visit its true and raw form. Which everyone must adopt.


  • Humanity :


City where people are getting burned all the time, still it has maintained its share of humanity alive. Nowadays, humanity is the most expensive thing, but in Varanasi/Kashi you will find it everywhere.


  • Death is not the End :

Death is not the end

In Varanasi/Kashi people bring their dead once to burn, in the belief that they will be free from the cycle of death & rebirth. We believe death is the end. But when you are in Varanasi/Kashi, you will definitely believe the same.


  • Happiness :


Varanasi/Kashi is the city where death is celebrated. But that doesn’t mean it is not joyful. Kashi’s people carry very light and joyful hearts. Which makes the place joyful. That is why people tend to visit Varanasi/Kashi.


  • Letting go :

Letting Go

Death certainly takes away everything we have earned. Varanasi/Kashi where people are celebrating death, we should learn to let go of things which are not in our control. Just like death.


  • Silence :


After death what remains is the rage, anger, loneliness in our heart. In that rage, anger, loneliness Varanasi/Kashi certainly keeps its silence. That is what makes the place special. One should definitely learn.


  • Stories :

Varanasi Stories

Varanasi/Kashi holds unlimited stories within it. Which makes the city full of secrets. Every story teaches us something new. Even though stories have been living there since ancient times, they don’t feel that older. Certainly they don’t forget to teach you a life changing lesson.


  • Truth :


Indian culture teaches us death is the only truth. What we are doing, achieving nothing will matter once you die. Death will end everything, what remains will be your memories. Varanasi/Kashi reveals that truth to you. One should be brave enough to accept it.


  • Kindness :

Varanasi Kindness

It is the most underrated quality nowadays. We are growing from 4G to 5G but we are losing important human emotions like kindness. Which takes nothing, but still we often don’t. Varanasi/Kashi is the place where not only people but also its vibe which is kind as a child. If we are able to learn, it’ll change our life.

  • Skillful Shopping :

Varanasi Shopping

Shopping is an integral part of our life. We all love shopping. Varanasi/Kashi is the place where you will find all types of products at one place with different prices.Where conflict arises & you will need to decide one. What one should learn from Varanasi/Kashi.


  • Taste the food :

Varanasi Food

Nowadays we tend to think more about ingredients rather than the taste. Varanasi/Kashi presents you with its amazing  & delicious dishes. Here you must taste the food. Everyone should learn the skill of tasting the food.


  • Accepting Reality :


Our day-to-day life is going at a speed, which keeps us away from reality. But Varanasi/Kashi is the city which will definitely draw you towards reality. One should definitely learn from Varanasi/Kashi how to stay close to reality.


  • Money is not everything :

Money Is Not Everything

Today’s world is driven by money. We live for money. Varanasi/Kashi is a city that also revolves around money, but it doesn’t let you feel that. Because it revolves around it, it doesn’t work for money. That is what we should learn.


  • Love :


Today’s era is more economic driven, rather than love. Love is important to us, but doesn’t often give it the importance it deserves. Ganges is the sign of love. We call it ‘Ganga Maa’. ‘Ganges – The River Of Varanasi’ helps you realise it.


If you adopt all of the things into your life, life would be different than what it used to be. When you visit Varanasi/Kashi remember to learn all the things mentioned above & if you learn others, we would love to know about them and also share your experience with us.


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