Top 10 Foods to Taste in Mathura (2022)

Mathura is quite possibly the most extraordinary urban area in India. It has one of the most diverse ranges of temples and historical places, each of which holds a very great significance in the minds of people. Mathura is the origination of Lord Krishna and is one of the seven urban areas that are viewed as blessed for Hindu travelers. Mathura was the capital of the Surasena Kingdom, which was ruled over by Kanasa, Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle.

Well, that was a brief description of the holy city, which is a destination for many who want to explore religious cities. Just as every place has its significance, every place is also known for its delicious snacks, to which many people are attracted. In this article, we will be providing information on snacks that are famous in Mathura and are easily available on the streets. Street foods are cheap, instant, and convenient as they are easily available across major cities and towns in India.

Since Mathura is a holy city, it is devoid of non-veg food. Still, it has a bunch of tasty snacks that are quite popular. In this article, we will cover the main 10 tidbits that are effectively accessible.

Peda (also known as Mathura Ka Peda)

Peda is a semi-soft sweet dish that originated in the city of Mathura itself. It is given as an offering to Lord Krishna and is delicious. It is a sweet made with thick caramelized milk and bits of cardamom and ghee, which gives the sweet a very rich taste.


Kachori with jalebi.

Kachori is quite popular everywhere in India, especially in west India. However, the special thing about the Kachori available here is that it is full of hing (asafoetida) drenched in desi ghee. However, the delight comes after you’ve done with Kachori. Have a bit of jalebi too; they will surely melt your heart.


Dhokla, Khaman, and Poha

Not only in North India, but Mathura would serve you food from Gujarat too, because Gujarati Hindus praise Lord Krishna, so you can find a few Gujarati foods and snacks. One can find khaman dhokla and poha around here. 


Golgappe and Bhalle Papdi

Chaat is something that is a very  interesting part of Indian cities. The same food has a different taste in different cities. Bhalle is a deep-fried snack served with Dahi (curd) and chutney. If you are there, don’t miss trying Golgappa.


Lassi is a sweet version of thick curd that is served in an earthen pot known as a khullad. Lassi is served along with different types of dry fruits. The taste itself is different from every other state and that makes lassi a special delight for people.


Samosa needs no introduction; it is one of India’s most popular snacks, promising to bring joy during evening gatherings or parties. However, the samosa served here is without garlic or onion, and that makes the samosa special in the city.


Ghewar is originally a Rajasthani cuisine that is round-shaped and here in Mathura, the dish is made of fresh ghee with layers of malai and dry fruit. This sweet surely serves its purpose and is a great thing to try out.

Aloo Puri

Mostly consumed during breakfasts, aloo puri can also add a great taste to your breakfast preference. It is served with deep-fried puri and aloo sabzi (potato curry) along with chutney.


Gujiya’s are stuffed dumplings made with flour of maida. They are filled with elaichi-flavored mawa and dry fruit. It is mostly made during the celebrations of Holi but can be found everywhere and anytime in the city.



Kulfi is made of iced, churned milk with a mixture of fruits, cardamom, and saffron. It is usually served with faluda. It is extremely chilled, ideal for people traveling in the summer.



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