5 Authentic Food Items of Udupi

As Udupi is present in the south it has a wide variety of tasty south Indian dishes,due to the coastal area it is famous for its seafood too.

Let’s get started with the dishes you could eat at Udupi .


  • Kadubu or Moode – Moode is made of idli batter steamed in pine leaves and kadubu are soft idlis made in jackfruit leaves which are often made on special days or occasions.


  • Mangalore Buns- Mangalore buns are sweet fried bread made with mashed bananas, flour, sugar with  a touch of  cumin. These sweet banana buns or poori are soft and fluffy in texture.


  • Dosas-  There are many different types of dosas you can find in Udupi such as masala, bajjari and neer dosa, these are prepared with rice and coconut batter and stuffed with aloo, these are very common in every household of Udupi region for breakfast.


  • Mangalore Bajji- Goli Bajji aka Mangalore Bajji is a street food made of curd, coconut,rice flour,and chili peppers. It is a round kind of snack which is popular in Andhra pradesh and kannada region.


  • Sea food – As Udupi is a coastal area there are a variety of seafood served there including fresh and frozen fish, lobster, shrimps, fish, crab, prawns and oyster.



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