5 Famous Food Items of Ayodhya

Ayodhya is situated in the North eastern side of India and just like any North place Ayodhya’s famous food items are mostly chaats, puri-sabji, samosas etc. It is one of the seven pilgrimage places of India so it attracts lots of devotees every year from different parts of the world. People visiting this place could try following food items –


  • Litti chokha – This dish is originally from Bihar but due to its taste it is famous worldwide, balls are made up of wheat and sattu and served with baigan and aloo bharta with chutney. To add a little more taste you can break litti(balls) and pour ghee on it and then have it with chokha.

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  • Veg Biryani- This dish is made with rice, vegetables and spices. Many people prefer non-veg biryani over veg but as this place isn’t serving non-vegetarian food you have to enjoy vegetarian food only. For vegetarians Biryani served with raita is itself a mouth watering treat.

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  • Dahi Jalebi- Dahi Jalebi is very famous not only in Ayodhya but even in its adjacent regions. It is a very popular breakfast among Ayodhya people. At some places it is even served in kulhad which makes it even more tempting.

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  • Chaat- There are a variety of chaats available in this city, you can taste aloo tikki chaat, samosa chaat,papdi chaat, golgappa, dahi bhalla and many more. All these chaats are full of spicy and tangy flavors which one can’t resist eating.

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  • Kachori – Kachoris are generally round in shape, have poori like structure and are filled with spices. It is available in varieties like khasta kachori or suji khasta kachori. Generally Kachoris are served with aloo sabji which add more tangy flavours to it, Kachoris are considered best as breakfast here.



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