7 Famous Festivals of Udupi

Various festivals are celebrated in Udupi with great pomp. Some of them are listed below-


  • Mooru Ratha – The three chariots festival held on makar sankranti in Sri Krishna mutt is said to be mooru Ratha.The three chariots are pulled together on this day.


  • Pound festival – it is celebrated on utar dwadashi. The decorated idol of lord Krishna is taken to the Madhwa sarovar on a boat which is adjacent to Krishna mutt.


  • Nagara Panchami – Nagara Panchami is celebrated in Shravan month, on this day people of Udupi worship idols of cobra and offer milk to the idols.


  • Vitlapindi – vitlapindi also known as ‘Mosaru Kudike Habba’, is celebrated on janmashtami to recall the childhood memories of Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna murtis are generally made with gold,silver or bronze.


  • Sharada pooja – This festival is celebrated to get the blessings of Devi of knowledge i.e maa sharada. On this day people worship maa sharada in their own ways.


  • Tapta Mudra – This festival is dedicated to lord Vishnu, on this day the tools of lord Vishnu i.e shankha and chakra are stamped on the body of devotees.


  • Ganesh chaturthi – This festival is celebrated in the afternoon near coastal areas, Ganesha Murti is decorated and worshiped on this day.



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