Ayodhya- The kingdom of Ram

Ayodhya was founded by Manu(son of Lord Surya) and as mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata, it was capital of Ikshvaku dynasty (kosala). Earlier it was known as Oudh or Awadh.

Rama returns to Ayodhya Ayodhya- The kingdom of Ram

It is believed that Ayodhya is as old as ‘kashi’. In many ancient epics or Dohas Ayodhya’s name is generally written as ‘Saketa’.

Ayodhya was the most prosperous city during the Dashrath rule, there was no evilness in the city because its people were educated and satisfied in what they had. Its people were so simple and kind that they used to help every needy person. 

Even when Shri Ram was in exile they used to remember Ayodhya city and its people. From this we can estimate how brilliant Ayodhya city would have been at that time.After Dashrath Shri Ram was the successor of his kingdom and during the reign of Lord Ram Ayodhya witnesses victory of good over evil, it is believed from the age of 39 to 70 years Ram ruled over this kingdom and then renounce this kingdom.

After Shri Ram his kingdom was ruled by his sons Luv and Kush. Luv ruled over the City ( Ayodhya) and Kush ruled over Kushavati ( Madhya Pradesh) also known as Dakshin koshala from which Kaushalya (mother of lord Ram) belonged. During the era of kurukshetra war (Mahabharata) this kingdom split into 5 parts and was invaded by Pandava (Bhim).

Ayodhya has significance in the whole world, only few people are aware that South Korea has a connection with Ayodhya, in Korea’s history book it is mentioned that ‘king kim Suro’ married Indian Princess Suriratna ( Heo Hwang-ok) nearly 2000 years ago. Later on in 2016 a treaty was signed by ayodhya mayor with South Korean city of Kim Hae to encourage development of both the cities as sister cities.

Now Ayodhya is situated in Uttar Pradesh (state of India). It is a religious center and one of the main pilgrimage spots of North India. It has a variety of temples to restore your peace of mind in today’s full of hustle lifestyle, one could visit here to experience real spirituality.



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