Banaras: The Holy City in 2022

Banaras is Also known as Varanasi.

This city originally dates back to the early 11th century. Definitely can be considered as one of the oldest cities in the world. A city so rich with our heritage and culture. There is not a single day you would have to spend in this beautiful city without having activities to do, sites to explore, temples to visit, delicious foods to eat.

This city is a huge contributor towards our preservation of culture. The city that is spread across 81 kilometres sq is home to our oldest and most prestigious temples of India. 

If you ever find yourself in this magnificent city make sure to visit the Kashi Vishwanath Temple located in Vishwanath Gali of Varanasi also frequently known as the Golden temple of Lord Shiva.


Next temple on your list should be the Kaal Bhairav Temple as it is one of the oldest temples of Kashi. This Shiva temple can be dated back to the mid 17th century. Making it the oldest Shiva temple in the vicinity. You can also visit the local temples in random order.

Now to the food this beautiful city has to offer, since this is one of the holiest cities in our country meats of any kind are difficult to find. Make sure you try some of the delicacies this city has to offer and treat your tastebuds.

First classic breakfast treat is Kachori Sabzi, this is a pretty common street food found on every street corner, it is the perfect combination of spicy and tangy. Mainly revolving around potatoes and lentils. Makes for the perfect breakfast savoury dish.

It’s only fair to treat yourself to some famous delicious Thandai when you’re in Banaras. This sweet drink can be easily compared to liquid heaven if you love sweet, rich desserts. Basically a mixture of Rabdi, ice cream, fruit puree, nuts and dry fruits. They also add Bhang if you desire to get a kick out of it. Bhang is just dried up cannabis leaves. 

Now that we know which temples to see and what foods to try, this city is also home to some of the best markets.

If you are a silk enthusiast make sure you visit Ranjan Silk Market to find the best silk sarees Banaras has to offer.

Not only will you find high quality silk sarees but you can also get them at the wholesale price way cheaper than it’s found in any other city. These silk sarees are a must have fashion piece in your closet.

The Banaras Art Gallery is the place to be for all art lovers.

It has art and crafts from all the local artists, you can easily buy any piece of decor as it is at very reasonable rates. If you are someone who admires and appreciates underrated art you must check this place out.

On the topic of shopping Lahurabir can not be forgotten as it is a collection of shops all together at one place from appliances to house decor everything can be found in this market at very reasonable rates. 

This is just a glimpse of what this glorious city has to offer.


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