Banaras, An Eternal Emotion (2022)

Places leave back memories in you, Banaras leaves back emotions within you. Is it too tough to agree that some places are more than places, they are sentiments. 

Banaras, the city of life and demise. It gives a sense of silence amidst sounds, a sense to cherish life amidst the bonfire burning the loss. It’s a city where one celebrates death as much as we appreciate birth.


Banaras is more than a city, it’s nostalgia. Banaras appears diverse from person to person as it reflects you in itself, you see your impressions, your pursuits, and you. It’s a city that can be celebrated in calm. On the boat viewing, the sun, rising from the river Ganga, climbs the sky and sets back in paradise. Isn’t this what Banaras teach us? Irrelevant, if it’s a rise or a set, it’s Beautiful. 

It’s rustic yet fascinating. Banaras is not the city only for its visuals, it’s the city of beliefs. A city that solaces us with its belief in going to a better place after death and dying was never an end. 

How could we have not romanticized something worth romanticizing? Banaras comforts those who are at the edge of life through its faith in Moksha (enlightenment) and putting up Mukti Bhawan ( Guest House for ones close to demise). Death is seen as part of life and not apart from life.

No wonder, Banaras let us see Death as a horizon, which seems reachable and an end in itself but is it? 

Banaras is a place to confide in for comfort and acceptance. Being in Banaras doesn’t transform you, it soothes you.

Banaras is called the city of lights and the capital of spirituality but it’s also a city of ghats, of last riots, of the first bath, and importantly a city of acceptance.                            



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