Spiritual Journey to Divya Varanasi, Bhavya Varanasi (2022)

Varanasi is an ancient city located at the banks of river Ganga or Ganges, which have been inhabited by people throughout its history. It is also one of the oldest spiritual cities. With the passage of time, the name of the city has also been changed from Kashi to Banaras to Varanasi; however, the significance of the city remains the same.

Varanasi holds a very special place in Hindu mythology. It is believed that a body cremated on this holy land would liberate from the Chakra of life and death and attain Moksha. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit Varanasi for the holy bath or dip in the river Ganges to cleanse their sin.

Divya Varanasi, Bhavya Varanasi

varanasi ghats and boats kashi banaras india brahma yatra travels Spiritual Journey to Divya Varanasi, Bhavya Varanasi (2022)

A Day in Varanasi starts with a dip in the holy river and ends with the life-changing experience of Ganga Aarti dedicated to, Goddess Ganga, Lord Shiva, Surya, Agni, and the entire universe made by Lord Shiva. The City is chaotic and busy; however, the mesmerizing Sunrise and the enchanting nightfall are serene enough to make your mind calm.

Varanasi is known for several things, one among them is the Ghats. There are 88 Ghats, and the most important one is Dashashwamedh Ghat wherein, the famous Ganga Aarti takes place every evening.

Assi Ghat is the most preferential Ghat among the many due to its calm and serene environment away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The calmness fills the soul with spiritual thoughts.

The jam-packed narrow streets, their ancient walls, and equally famous street food have their charming histories to tell.

It is believed that the great poet Tulsidas had spent his last days in Varanasi. Saints such as Kabir Das and Ravidas were also born in Varanasi.

We can also witness the vivid and diverse culture in the architecture of Varanasi. The architecture of the ancient buildings in Varanasi has Maratha and Mughal influence. There are close to 15 mosques in Varanasi, the famous being the Gyanvapi and Alamgiri Mosque which is a blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture. This shows the unity among diversity.

Manikarnika Ghat is the holiest cremation ground. It is also famous for the tilted temple, known as the Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple. The temple is tilted towards the northwest side and the sanctum of the temple is submerged in water for the most part of the year. According to some reports, it is the most photographed temple in Varanasi.

Kashi Vishwanath is the most famous temple in Varanasi situated at the western bank of the river Ganga. Kashi Vishwanath is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is one of the twelve jyotirlingas.

Varanasi also has a unique death hotel called Mukti Bhavan. It offers lodging old age people to breathe the last breath in the holy city of Varanasi, thus, liberating them from the cycle of reincarnation.

You can also find the most unique temple in Varanasi, a temple where no deity resides, a temple that is completely dedicated to undivided India. Bharat Mata Temple is located at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith campus and it was inaugurated on 25 October 1936 by Mahatma Gandhi. The main attraction of this brilliant temple is the map of undivided India carved in marble.

Ghats Varanasi Ganges River India Uttar Pradesh Spiritual Journey to Divya Varanasi, Bhavya Varanasi (2022)

Without the morning or evening boat ride, the visit to Varanasi is incomplete. It’s once in a lifetime experience, it’s a window through which you can witness the liberation of the soul.

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