Pushkar Adventure and Camel Safari 2022

Pushkar Adventure and Camel Safari 2022

PUSHKAR’s Adventure Desert

Pushkar’s Adventure desert is a camped space in Pushkar. Pushkar adventure desert camp is the best camp in Pushkar among the semi-sand pile. Pushkar village is fenced by Aravalli hill. Adjacent to the Pushkar adventure desert camp there are myriad rose and marigold flowers garden which are odoriferous. Balmy flowers give us energy and pleasant smell. Travellers and visitors enjoy the solitude and peaceful movement, when visit the camp in Pushkar. Green Panthers – Nature Lovers enjoy watching various kinds of birds and wild animals roaming around the Pushkar adventure desert camp. Despite many farmers and villagers are assiduous with work, visitors can have a look on the conventional attire and custom ornaments and relish the sheer life.

Nature provides a granting feast of stupendous objects to the spectators with the live sunrise and sunset, the full moon, the recurring changes of season which is a delight to all of us. The resplendent sight and sound not only cater intense pleasure to visitors but also provide ineffaceable impression on visitors’ mind. The sight of tuft, mountain and desert rejuvenates the mind and move us with efficacy before the sunset time which looks very gorgeous and overwhelming. During morning, chirping sound of birds absolutely give real feeling of inner peace, joy and charm in the desert with indulging camp.

PUSHKAR – Camel Safari

Pushkar located at a stretch of 11 kms from Ajmer which is a fine place bounded by the holy Pushkar Lake. Semi-desert area starts from Pushkar. It is an attractive place for visitors who adore Camel 5m1rathggk3rcpw2thv8k2d48ygn shutterstock 1629141535 min Pushkar Adventure and Camel Safari 2022Safari Pushkar, Jeep Safari Pushkar, & Horse Riding Pushkar. It’s an exact place to shot a beautiful picture in our camera to share the memories with our family and friends.

Pushkar Camel Safari caters Sunset/Sunrise Camel Safari in Pushkar, Jeep Safari in Pushkar, Horse safari in Pushkar, Overnight Camel Safari, Pushkar Fair camp, luxury camp in Pushkar,

Dinner in the Desert with Kalbeliya Dance at a very affordable rate with the great experience and professional faculty.

Over Night Camel Safari

Overnight Camel Safari starts around 3:30 PM from Pushkar Festival Ground or hotel in Pushkar city. And then it reaches at sunset point where the lots of tourists enjoy the lots of activities like camel and camel cart riding, desert bikes, some traditional peoples enjoy the musical instrument called ‘rawan hatha’ with dance. Sellers offers traditional dress to wear for rent.

Pushkar adventure desert camp is the best place where we can feel the natural and pleasant ambience. The facilities available are – five tents, four cottages, wooden furniture, attach baths, running hot and cold water, 24 hours electricity facility. For evening entertainment, there will be a buffet dinner, bonfire and wonderful folk performance by local gypsy dancers for every tourist. For Sleep time, we can choose to stay inside the tent or sleep under the open sky with full of glittering stars.

Next morning, as we wake up to see the mesmerizing sunrise over the desert, we will be served with traditional breakfast. We will be served with buffet breakfast for extremely food tourists as well. Finally, the overnight camel safari comes to an end, we will be dropped by the Camel at the city hotel or Pushkar fair ground.


It would be a great fun to have a bumpy ride in sand dunes along with campfire on dunes which is the life time experience. The Pushkar Camel Safari in Pushkar offers an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy our life in the shimmering glory of the desert sand. A camel safari allows guests to see Rajasthan’s life and splendour while also being enthralled by the desert landscape.


jpone Pushkar Adventure and Camel Safari 2022

Another popular way to see Pushkar in a different light is to go on a Jeep safari. We can easily book a jeep safari and we would be given a real thrilling and exotic experience that makes our tour a nice one as we have fantasized for.


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