Ram Mandir and it’s Importance

Ram Mandir of Ayodhya i.e under construction is very significant for Hindu devotees and considered to be the rebirth of Ayodhya. Everyone is aware about the greatness and struggles of Shri Ram along with Mata Sita, he was full of patience even when he was suffering with injustice. He was a great son,great husband and great king above all. Shri Ram is a symbol of compassion, victory of good over evil and endurance.To inculcate these qualities of him to our upcoming generations Ram Mandir is very important , when people visit there they will feel a touch of purity, calmness and spirituality, they will surely feel proud of their culture and history.

Structure of Ram Mandir

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Temple would be constructed in Nagara style with a three storey structure. Nagara style basically consists of five basic elements – Jagati (upraised platform), Garbhagriha(Room of principal deities of Temple),Mandapa(hall of temple for crowd),Shikhara(mountain like spike) and Vahana(the place of main deity).Shri Ram idol would be 251 tall which is going to be the tallest idol in the whole world. Height of the temple would be 161 feet. No. Of pillars would be around 360.

Importance of Ram Mandir

  • Promotion and preservation of Hindu Culture- Ram Mandir construction is a sign of victory for Hindus as they fought a long dispute over its construction v/s Babri masjid construction. Now this temple will help in keeping hindu Lord Ram and its values alive for the next many years.
  • Increment in Tourism sector- due to the grandness of this temple it will attract a huge number of travelers from different parts of the world and this will benefit Ayodhya’s economy a lot.
  • Establishment of Airport- Proposal of Constructing an airport will lead development in this area and will make infrastructure better. Employment will also increase due to construction of Ram Mandir and airport .



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