4 Things you should not do in Varanasi/Kashi

Varanasi/Kashi is the city which is mostly dependent on its tourism. More than 50 Lakhs tourists visit Varanasi/Kashi in a year. Definitely there are things a tourist should know before he visits. Every place has its uniqueness which needs to be untouched. That’s why in India law is different at different places.

Following are the ‘4 Things Not to do in Varanasi/Kashi’ :

Fishing :

Varanasi/Kashi Fishing

Varanasi/Kashi is situated near Ganges river therefore, it’s natural that fishing is a business. In Varanasi/Kashi rules regarding fishing are very strict. A fisherman has to apply for a licence and has to renew it from time to time. Tourists are certainly banned from fishing.

Smoking :

Varanasi/Kashi Smoking

In Varanasi/Kashi you will see many ‘Sadhus’ who are known to be ‘aghori’, smoking near the corps. They survive in extreme weather conditions where normal human beings can’t. For that they need to smoke to maintain their body temperature. We shouldn’t pay attention to them, because they are in their own world. Their love and worship towards ‘Lord Shiva’ is worth learning about.

Water Pollution :

Varanasi/Kashi Water Pollution

Varanasi/Kashi is situated at the river Ganges, which is known to be the oldest and longest river. Ganges has cultural as well as economical importance. Our responsibility is prevention from pollution. The Indian Government is working towards it. We all have a part to play in this effort.



City Pollution

It is a serious problem for Varanasi/Kashi. As tourists, it’s our responsibility to keep the place clean. If we don’t play our part of keeping it clean. Then in the upcoming times, tourists would be held responsible for the city’s pollution. Which should not happen. Therefore, tourists must try not to throw trash on the way, rather than throw it in the trash cans.


Disrespect Indian Culture :

Culture of Varanasi/Kashi

Indian culture rests at the shore of Ganges i.e. at Varanasi/Kashi. Tourists must try to know about it’s viewpoint, which shall lead us to respect it. Indian culture is the oldest and richest culture in the entire world.


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