Udupi’s Unforgettable History

Udupi is a city  in Karnataka. Udupi has a very spiritual history,It got recognition in the 13th century when saint Madhvacharya. established eight Mathas to teach and spread Dvaita Vedanta Philosophy which is the reason why there are many ancient temples and places in this town. Earlier this region was known as tulunadu along with Mangalore and Kasaragod (now in kerala) later it was named as south kanada.

It has many stories/myths related to its origin, some people say udu means ‘stars’ and pa means ‘lord’, it is believed that once the moon’s light was  reduced due to a curse by King Daksha, whose 27 daughters were married to the moon. Udupi was separated from south kannada on 25 August 1997 and came to existence as an independent district. Later on it emerged as one of the top tourist places in the south. 


Even during Mahabharata, Udupi was the only rajye(state) which was not involved in war, it’s people were neither fighting from Kauravas’ side nor from Pandavas’ side. Instead of this udupi got a task to prepare food for the people who were fighting in war and it’s people did this task very well with the help of their king.

Udupi At Present

At present, the district is well known for its vast  & religious culture, making it famous for its temples across Karnataka. Shree Krishna Temple of this place  is one of  the seven places of pilgrimage.

Along with temples,it is famous for its festivals and dances. Almost every Pooja or ritual ends with a special dance to seek blessings of spirits. Mostly people of this area depends upon fishing, transportation and agriculture for their livelihood. Tourism is on the rise in this city, which could become a great source of income for the people of this region.


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