Why you should avoid visit Udupi during Monsoons?(2022)

Udupi usually faces heavy rains during monsoons. Sometimes the area is declared to be on red alert, for those who are planning to visit this place always need to monitor its weather first especially if they are planning it in the rainy season. For those who are coming here to enjoy beaches, the sea would become rough, and entering the sea/river would not be advised. All watersports/activities would be closed.

Udupi district has forests too which could mislead you, don’t venture into unknown areas on interior roads. If there are kids and elders with you then you need to be extra cautious as during the rainy season roads will get covered with water and it is possible your vehicle could get stuck and you have to walk around for help. 

Precautions (while visiting Udupi during monsoons)

So if you are visiting here during monsoons you need to have appropriate first aid (in case you caught fever), a travel guide, be familiar with the roads of Udupi, be updated on its weather conditions, carry an umbrella and raincoat, and do not plan to enter the sea.



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