Anxiety & Stress: Yoga is Solution

Have you ever met an accident? Or any critical situation? Or heard about any bad news? So, do you remember how your body reacted in all these conditions? When any living being faces any danger in front of him, the body reacts almost the same for all of us. Whether a bull chasing a dog […]

Is Yoga A Pseudo-Science?

I have gone through many books and studies on Yoga for the last many years. I read the yogic anatomy of every asana and also applied many things to my body as well. What I feel is people misinterpret the meaning of Yoga and Its Benefits. There are few things about Yoga that people misunderstood, […]

These 5 Gender Differences Make Women More Flexible Than Man

According to the definition Flexibility is the quality of muscles to bend easily without breaking. Humans are born with flexibility and that lose with time. According to Yoga, a stiff body is the result of toxins accumulated in the joints of the body which blocks the flow of prana or vital source that leads to […]