What is Chakras ?

Chakra is a sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’, that means which is spinning, hence Chakras are the spinning energy centers that directly influence your wellbeing & how consciously & happily you create your life. They are located in the astral body along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and running upwards to the crown of the head. The Chakras coincide with a gland in the physical body and each radiate a specific color and energy. Since each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical aspects of our being,
When all chakras are balanced, you feel safe, creative, strong, & secure in yourself & in relationships. You are comfortable speaking your mind & your thoughts come together with clarity & ease. You also feel connected to your intuition & the vital energy of the universe. 

There are seven major chakras in the body. Each of the chakra can be overactive or deficient, however, which means they are blocked & not in balance. Chakras can be out of balance since your time in the womb or even earlier: in yogic view the karma you carry from the past lives is stored in the chakras. Each chakra root is planted in the major current of energy that runs up & down the center of the spinal column. This line of energy is called sushumna nadi . Along with susshumna 2 major currents of energy(nadis), cross back & forth, these are called ida & pingla nadis. 

The location of junctions of all these 3 nadis in the spine are called location of chakras., & those currents cause the chakras to spin. Chakras are affected by the flow of energy as it travels along the sushumna, ida & pingla, this energy is called ‘Prana’.

    1.  The Root Chakra – Muladhara

  1. The Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana
  2. The Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura
  3. The Heart Chakra – Anahata
  4. The Throat Chakra – Vishuddha
  5. The Third Eye Chakra – Ajna
  6. The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara


Evolution in chakras

Mooladhara is the most basic fundamental chakra from where human evolution starts and sahasrara is the last chakra where evolution is completed. Beyond sahasrara, we experience divine energies and inner experiences come our way in meditation. Mooladhara is the first chakra in human incarnation but it is the last chakra that animals have the capacity to awaken. 

Below Mooladhara there are other chakras known as Patalas, representing the evolution of the animal kingdom. These chakras only connected to sense consciousness & not connected to mental awareness. There is no individual awareness & ego which starts from mooladhara. Therefore upto mooladhara chakra evolution takes place automatically. Animals do not practice pranayama or take sannyasa, Nature controls them completely and nature is responsible for every phase of evolution. However once kundalini reaches muladhara chakras, evolution is not spontaneous because Man is different from animals, he has awareness about time & space, he has an ego. So man has higher consciousness and once it has it he has to work for its evolution. That’s why kundalini keeps sleeping in mooladhara chakra until & unless it is pushed for awakening & progress. 

Names of animal’s chakras are, 

Atala, vitala, satala, talatala, rasatala, mahatala, patala

Animal’s lowest chakra starts from ‘patala’, it is the dimension representing total darkness and state of dormant & static.

Above sahasrara also there are chakras called as lokas, which represents higher divine consciousness. Lower chakras are the tamasic phase of evolution, from mooladhara onward we pass through the rajasic phase & fom sahasrara onwards we enter the sattvic phase of evolution.

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