Third Eye Chakra | Ajna

Third Eye Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Ajna

Color: Indigo

Location: Between the eyebrows–extending to your brain’s pineal gland.

The infamous Third Eye Chakra, Ajna, roughly translates as ‘beyond wisdom’.

This is because this mystic energy center opens you up to expanded states of consciousness. They go way beyond the 5 senses and the material world we live in. Extrasensory perception, intuition and psychic abilities are all born from the third eye. This is because of the brain’s small yet extremely powerful pinecone-shaped gland. It sits just behind Ajna, and goes by the name of the ‘pineal gland‘.

Furthermore, long before brain imaging, many ancient cultures knew about the third eye’s presence. They believed it to be our human connection to the divine.

When your Third Eye is balanced, you’ll feel equally in tune with the physical and spiritual world. You’ll also be able to connect with both your ego and your soul.

Third Eye Chakra Symbol and Meaning

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