What is Causal Body ?

Anandmaya Kosh resides in Causal body (Karana Sharira). Causal body needs bliss or peace which it gets from Anandmaya Kosh. Karana Sharira or Causal body is the map template which is the sole cause for the gross and subtle bodies in the future birth of the soul that is not liberated or detached from the causal body. Karana Sharira controls the formation and growth of the other two bodies, and determine every aspect of the next birth.


Karana Sharira is the doorway to the higher consciousness. It is associated with the state of dreamless sleep and samadhi. It links individual consciousness with the collective consciousness. Experiences (samskaras) from our past lives are stored in the causal body, it carries the information and knowledge acquired during the previous births. The attachment of Maya and intense desires for the worldly objects and pleasures, called “vasanas” also go along with Karana Sharira.


At the time of death, both the causal and astral bodies (that remain together) separate from the physical body. Once the soul is completely detached from its causal body it goes to the abode of God. The soul never needs to come back to the world again except for the God’s wish. When they come back to the world they come in the form of Gurus (Perfect masters). Guru is the one who leads the created to the creator. Guru is the descent of the Divine in human form to create the right conditions for the seekers to ascend to his Divine essence (Moksha or Enlightenment or Chaitanya).


(Sadgurus or Perfect masters are in reality, the seers who have realized the Absolute or have reached the highest realm of spiritual attainment, are present forever in the whole universe whether in an embodied or in an un-embodied state. They operate in gross, subtle, or mental world. They have been chosen to execute the Divine Mission and work together for the execution of the Divine Mission – Liberation of the seekers.)


The life span of each of the bodies varies largely. Since the gross body is nurtured by the gross food thereby it has very short life. The subtle body is nourished by thoughts and feelings so its life span is a bit longer than the gross body. The causal body has the highest life span as it needs only bliss and peace. The soul is distinct from all these three bodies .it does not requires anything because it is the experience and the observer and thereby it is imperishable and immortal.

Death is nothing but the falling off the gross body. The soul remains along with the suble and causal body where samskaras are stored. Man would take human birth again and again with the help of gross body till the samskaras are fully exhausted. We can only use and burn all our samskaras (karma phala)only in our human life by conscious living and our will power. It is not possible in any other life besides human life and that is the prime reason why human birth is regarded as greatest from liberation perspective

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