Samkhya Philosophy

Samkhya is one of the oldest systems of Indian Philosophy. It is the unique part of orthodox Indian Philosophy.

Ptanajali is the founder of Yogic Philosophy and is regarded as the complement of Samkhya. The word Yoga means Union i.e…….

The Nyaya-sutras probably were composed by Gautama or Akshapada about the 2nd century BCE. India is often equated with spirituality,…

Vaisheshika is derived from the word vishesha which means particular or distinguishing feature or distinction. Vaisheshika is pluralistic realism …………

The Purva-mimamsa (“First Reflection”), or Karmamimamsa (“Study of [Ritual] Action”), is the system that investigates the nature of Vedic injunctions…….

The system of Philosophy based on upanishad is called the Vedanta Darshan. It is called Vedanta because they are literally the concluding portion,……

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