Bhakti of goddess is another significant tradition, one found in Shaktism. The theology of oneness and unity of “the divine Goddess and the devotee”, their eternal fearless love for each other is a theme found in Devi Gita, a text embedded inside the Devi-Bhagavata Purana. The Shakta devotion is common in eastern states of India, particularly West Bengal. The personal god here varies, and includes Durga, Tara Ma (Buddhist influence), Kali and to a lesser extent Saraswati, Lakshmi. Tantric Yoga also comes under shaktism as it is whole spiritual science for the worship of the Divine Mother, not merely a set of beliefs or dogmas but a practical way of developing higher awareness through her wisdom & her grace. Ramakrishna, the Guru of Vivekananda, one of the greatest saints of all time, and perhaps the central force behind modern spiritual awakening of humanity, is the great modern devotee of Kali. He released the tremendous force of Kali-Shakti for the benefit of humanity, setting in motion the forces of transformation to establish a new era for humanity. He is the great modern seer of Kali and perhaps of all 10 great knowledge forms of Goddess. He was a great practitioner of Shaktim.

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