Dates : 15th, 16th & 17th Oct 2021

₹ 7999/person

About this Retreat

This small retreat is just an effort to make people experience the essence of Yoga & its different elements while keeping in mind the proper comfort of all participants with best quality based services and amenities. The purpose is to make people aware about their own inner self  as their own guide or as a teacher. This retreat is more about looking at the world as an EXPERIENCER or SOUL rather than a piece of analytical mind. It includes practices and activities that will allow people to just feel, express and connect with the spiritual vibes of the place and thus reconcile well with nature while also connecting to the divine force that they believe in. Practices and Basic understanding of Yoga will be helpful to be selfless and will allow you to drop your ego in the feet of the mountains. Let’s learn to be more present & broaden your awareness by the means of yoga, music and nature. Let’s just unwind the time and feel more connected to your root, soul & inner light. 

This retreat is best for those who are into the quest for yoga & spirituality, and who want to spend their weekend away from the traffic noise, to experience the feeling of peace, joy, compassion and spirituality for lifetime! 


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BPD Rishikesh


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