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Surya Dev

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About Lolark Aditya Temple

Lolark Aditya is situated on Lolark Kund near Asi Ganga Sangam in Varanasi.

lolark kund

Lolark aditya temple is associated with the Lolark kund and is of great importance. Lord Surya was highly impressed by the beauty of Kashi, since then he is called by Lolark Aditya, one of the 12 Adityas. it is believed that Lord Surya takes care of the welfare of the natives of Kashi.

Lolark Aditya is established on Asi Sangam where the water of Lolark Kund meets with the water of the holy river Ganga and then reaches other pilgrimages in Varanasi. this temple is well known among the people of Varanasi and other cities.

According to a story mentioned in Kashi Khand, Lord Shiva ordered Suryadev to move to Kashi and set down some dents into the flawlessness of Divodas’ rule to reduce his powers and expel the religious King Divodas. Suryadev accepted and headed towards Kashi.

after reaching Kashi, lord Surya drummed into the beauty of Kashi. Later, Suryadev decided not to return to Mandarachal and decided to be established in Kashi in the form of his twelve idols. since then he is popularly known as ‘Lolark Aditya

According to many, it is said that whoever visit to Lolark on Sunday of Agahan month, they can get rid of all his sins. The devotee who takes a dip at Asi Sangam, and offers Shradh of their forefathers, is freed from Pitru-Rin (parental debt). On Shukla Saptami of January-February, if a person takes a holy dip in the confluence of holy River Ganga and Asi, in the Lolark Kund, he is freed from all his sins of his seven births.

Architecture of Lolark Aditya Temple

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How to reach Lolark Aditya Temple?

By Train: book your tickets for Varanasi in nearby railway station, connected to railway station of specific cities. cover distance from railway station to temple by can or auto rikshaw.
By Air: Varanasi airport is well linked to many airports of different cities.
By Bus: buses are available in many nearby cities of Varanasi. one can easily get buses.

Lolark Aditya Temple Timings

self pooja 24 hours, special pooja on Sunday and on Shukla paksh Shashti

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