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About Nageshvara Jyotirlinga, Dwarka, Gujrat

Nageshvara temple is one of the temples stated in the Shiva Purana and is one of the first Jyotirlingas to be established. Situated on the path within Dwarka city and Beyt Dwarka Island on the coast of Saurashtra in Gujarat. A 25 m tall sculpture of a sitting Bhagwan Shiva and a spacious garden with a pond are significant charms of this rather serene place. Some archaeological unearthing declares five earlier cities at the site. Nageshvara was deemed to be known as ‘Darukavana’, which is an early historic name of a forest in India. Below are familiar legends connected to this mystical temple.


The legend goes as, ‘Balakhilyas’, a group of lilliputian sages revered Bhagwan Shiva in Darukavana for a long time. To examine their commitment and patience, Bhagwan Shiva came to them as a nude hermit wearing only nagas (serpents) on his body. Spouses of sages got drawn to the saint and went after him, bequeathing their husbands behind. Sages got very disturbed and were outraged by this. They lost their composure and abused the hermit to lose his linga ( meaning is Phallus, but it has a deeper theistic metaphor). Bhagwan Shiva linga befell on the earth and the whole world vibrated. Bhagwan Brahma and Bhagwan Vishnu came to Bhagwan Shiva, petitioning him to save the earth from devastation and take back his linga. Bhagwan Shiva soothed them and took back his linga. (From Vamana Purana CH.6th & 45th). Bhagwan Shiva pledged his sacred residence in Darukavana as ‘jyotirlinga’ forever.


It is believed that centuries ago, this temple is built by the PANDAVAS during their expulsion in the forest.
On a journey to visit the Jyotirlinga, LATE SHRI GULSHAN KUMAR, the famous audio, and video Cassette king went to visit Nageshvara to do puja. He realized that all other Jyotirlinga Temples were restored and venerated by numerous Hindu religious Kings or well-to-do people. Nonetheless, the Nageshvara Temple was still in its early form. Because of its sacred importance in Hindu Itihassa, the Temple attracts thousands of followers every day. He decided to honor the place by constructing a Temple to house the growing number of devotees. It can be said that the Restoration (Jirnoddhar) of this promising Temple was intended to take place at the hands of Late Shri. Gulshan Kumar. After his premature demise, his operations are looked after by his son SHRI BHUSHAN KUMAR.

Architecture of Nageshvara Jyotirlinga, Dwarka, Gujrat


The Nageshvara Temple was designed by following the principles of VASTU-SHASTRA and is in accord with the classical Hindu Temple Architecture of Western India. The Temple overlooks the West direction (Paschim-Mukhi), wherein the devotee while offering their morning prayers of Bhagwan Shiva (Shiv-Linga) also faces the Sun God.
The Outlining of the Temple is based on SAYANAM posture and is comparable to the Human Body.

How to reach Nageshvara Jyotirlinga, Dwarka, Gujrat?

By Train: Nageshvara Temple is 18 km from Dwarka Railway station.
By Air: Porbandar (107 km) and Jamnagar (126 km) are the closest airports to Dwarka.
Self Drive: Nageshvara Temple is 18 km from Dwarka city

Nageshvara Jyotirlinga, Dwarka, Gujrat Timings

6.00 am to 12.30 am mornings

5.00 pm to 9.30 pm evenings

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