Ck.38/8, Adi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
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About Saubhagya Gauri

The adoration of the Goddess Saubhagya Gauri form of Goddess Gauri is reserved for the third day of Vasantik Navratri.


The adoration of this manifestation of Goddess Gauri is specifically mentioned in religious texts. Devotees are said to be able to get various forms of happiness and success in their lives by worshipping Goddess Saubhagya Gauri.

Chapter 100 of Kashi Khand prescribes the Gauri Yatra (religious tour of Gauri temples). This Yatra is scheduled to take place on Triteeya after Amavasya (3rd day after Amavasya). Devotees worship Saubhagya Gauri and bathe in Gyan Vapi. Worshiping Saubhagya Gauri will bring happiness and wealth to the devotees.

A flight of stairs leads to a sizable ground and Shiva temple if a devotee travels from Bansphatak to Chowk after passing the flower market (on the left side). The devotee will discover this form of Goddess Gauri on the right (north) side of the area. On the third day of Chaitra Navaratri in March or April, devotees go to this place of adoration.

Architecture of Saubhagya Gauri

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How to reach Saubhagya Gauri?

By Train: Trains are always a better option. these days Varanasi junction is keeping the way all good. Saubhagya Gauri temple is just a few km away from Varanasi junction.
By Air: Book your tickets to the Gorakhpur airport, which is few km away from the temple. as Varanasi airport is well connected to other city Airports.
By Bus: One can travel directly to the temple. various local and private bus services are available for visiting Varanasi.

Saubhagya Gauri Timings

Visiting Time

06.00AM to 11.00AM and 06.00PM to 10.00PM

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