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The 400-year-old Kalinath Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple, located on the banks of the Beas near Garli Paragpur in Kangra district, begs to be noticed. On the High Court’s orders, the state government took over the temple, which spanned 120 kanals. On October 4, 2018, a three-judge Bench issued the ruling. However, the government has failed to follow the High Court’s ruling for the appointment of a temple officer during the last three years. Dehra Gopipur SDM Dhanvir Singh, who is also the temple’s assistant commissioner, claims he wrote to the Kangra Deputy Commissioner on August 30 asking for permission to hire caretakers, but the clearance was still pending.
According to local neighbors Hemant Rana, Kewal Krishan, and Jagvir Singh, many individuals have encroached on the temple property, and some have even had it transferred in their names, which is a clear violation of the laws. The temple is currently in the hands of certain saints because the government has neglected to designate temple authorities.
Despite the fact that the temple is visited by a huge number of believers, including international visitors, there is no one to keep it clean. Garbage may be found scattered in every nook and cranny, and the complex has no bathroom facilities. Even in the ‘havan kund,’ stray dogs and animals may be seen roaming around. Nobody knows how much money the temple receives in a year or how it is used.
When Lord Shiva booned the Asuras and they grew exceedingly powerful, frightening all living things on Earth, the anguished Devtas rushed to Lord Brahma for a solution in Sadyug. Lord Brahma forwarded them to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, who was also powerless, referred them to Lord Shiva for safety. Listening to this, Lord Shiva instructed Mahamaya to take Mahakali’s roop and kill the Asuras. Maa Kali seized the roop and murdered all the Asuras, but she couldn’t return to normal and started looking for more killings. Seeing this, Lord Shiva donned the roop of an Asura and battled Maa. For a long period, there was a furious fight. The entire cosmos was terrified after witnessing this.
Lord Shiva then considered another option. When Maa Kali walked on Him, she saw the clear roop of Lord Shiva and instantly stepped back and calmed off, recognizing her blunder. With this remorse and the penance (prayshchit) for it, Maa wandered the Himalayas for thousands of years, worshipping Lord Shiva. And one day, along the Vyas River, Lord Shiva granted her darshan and absolved Her of Her sin. At the time, a Shiva Lingam was built here, and it became known as the Mahakali’s Kaleshwar Temple.
This location is also known as the Maha Rudra Temple, which guards the Maa Chhinnmastika Devi/ Chintpurni Devi on the eastern side.
According to the temple’s caretakers and the people who live nearby, the flow of the Vyas River increases every year during the monsoon season until it reaches the Shiva Lingam. The water recedes after it reaches the Shivling’s Jalahri.
This is the Shri Kalinath Kaleshwar Shiva Temple/Mandir in Pragpur, Kangra District, and Himachal Pradesh. It is well known as Kalesar, Kaleshwar Mahadev in the surrounding area. It is one of the oldest temples in the city. Kaleshwar Temple, located among the Himalayan mountain ranges in the Kangra District, is well-known and attracts a large crowd during Shiv Ratri and a smaller crowd during Shraavan Maas/ Saawan Mahina. All year long, Sadhus and ordinary people from various areas of India visit this location.
Despite the fact that this temple is located in a tiny village, the Mandir Committee provides a modest lodging facility; nonetheless, at peak periods, they are likely to be overcrowded. Taxis and buses are available in Sadba, about 7 kilometres from the Kaleshwar temple.
According to the temple’s caretakers and the people who live nearby, the flow of the Vyas River increases every year during the monsoon season until it reaches the Shiva Lingam. The water recedes after it reaches the Shivling’s Jalahri. Kalinath Temple is located adjacent to the Vyas River, which not only provides a beautiful view but also a peaceful area to meditate. Observe one of the tiny dome-shaped rooms with a wonderful perspective of the river and bank during the online tour of this area. It is ideal for solitary meditation in the open, as well as other spiritual pursuits such as Hawan and Puja. The temple is located on the banks of a river that the people utilise as a Shamshaan Area (Cremation Area for Hindus).
This temple is also known as the Maha Rudra Temple since it guards the Mata Chintpurni Temple on the eastern side.

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