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About Yamai Devi Temple, Aundh, Maharashtra

Aundh, the humble community of Khatav Taluka of Satara locale in Maharashtra, India is extremely famous for its antiquated recorded exceptionally hallowed sanctuary of Yamai Devi. It is situated on ridge complex and Yamai Devi is Kuldevi of numerous Marathi families. Aundh is at only 40 km distance from Satara and 85 km from Panchgini. Aundh hold extraordinary verifiable worth as it was the capital of Aundh province of Maratha during the British guideline. Along the Yamai devi sanctuary, sanctuary premise has Shri Bhavani Devi Museum likewise, which is one of the principal workmanship historical center of India.

A large number of aficionados and vacationer run here during the yearly Yatra to the Yamai Devi Temple orchestrated on Paush Purnima or full moon day in Paush month according to Hindu lunar schedule.

History and Legend :

It is said that Goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur and Sri Rama (Bhagwaan Vishnu) called her as “Ye Mai” (in Marathi) which signifies “Mother, pls. come” in English. Subsequently, she is known as Yamai Devi. Lovers are utilized to accompany unadulterated heart into one of the Devi Yamai’s sanctuaries and to discover her blessing.

Architecture of Yamai Devi Temple, Aundh, Maharashtra

Structure :

Yamai Devi is the family divinity of numerous Maharastrian families. The icon of Devi Mahishasur Mardini in dark stone is just about 2 meters high in a leg over leg sitting position. The icon has four hands and is conveying gada, bolt, trishul and paan patra.

The town and the sanctuary have been related with the Pant family for a long time. The current top of this previous decision family, Gayatridevi Pantpratinidhi, has introduced a 7 kilograms (15 lb) strong gold kalash or crown on the zenith of the Yamai sanctuary on the slope. Another sanctuary of Devi Yamai is situated in the town; aside from the one on the slope.

How to reach Yamai Devi Temple, Aundh, Maharashtra?

By Train: nearest railway station is Pune railway station ( 120 km away )
By Air: Pune
By Bus: Karmala ( 24 km away )

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