Angira Smriti

Angira Smriti

Also known as -  
अंगिरा स्मृति
Angirasa Smriti


Sage Angira is described in the Rigveda as a teacher of divine knowledge, a mediator between men and gods, as well as stated in other hymns to be the first of Agni-devas (fire gods). He is known by both names Angiras and Angira. In some texts, he is called Angiras and in some, he is called Angira. The Angira Smriti is divided into two sections-The Purva Angiras dealing with “Sraddha” in 1113 verses as a single chapter; and the second Uttara Angiras in twelve chapters, which deals with the topics of Parisad and Prayaschitta etc. 

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