Brihaspati Smriti

In ancient Hindu literature Brihaspati is a Vedic era sage who counsels the gods. Brihaspati Sutras manuscript has been lost to history or yet to be found.However, the text is quoted in other Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina texts, and this secondary literature has been the source for reconstructing the Brhaspati sutraspartially.Mainly Brihaspati Smriti speaks of four courts The four Courts are stationary or fixed which sat in village or town also court has grades.If a cause had not been duly investigated by kula it could be decided by sreni , if it had not been examined by sreni it could be decided by gana and finally by the royal judges.Brihaspati speaks of twelve kinds of witness. Brihaspati permits peasants,artisans, hired labourers,herdsmen,hunters gleaners, diggers of roots as also fishermen,to act as witness in respect of boundary disputes concerning the house and fields.Some principle of Brihaspati is embodied in section 95 of Indian penal code.Brihaspati is one of the basic law in Hindu law.

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śloka from Brihaspati Smriti