Gandharva Veda

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The Gandharva Veda is one of the four main Upavedas and is attached to the Sama Veda. Named after those semi-divine beings famed for their divine music (Gandharvas), this upaveda is considered the origin of our Sangeeta. Indic Music in general is often referred to as Gandharva Veda. Contrary to contemporary proponents of “art music”, the tradition, both South and
North of the Vindhyas, finds its common origin in Sastra.

Saastriya Sangeeta is traditionally credited to Sage Bharata, author of the celebrated Natya Sastra. Nevertheless, the hymns of the Sama Veda are liturgically sung, and thereby take the origins of Sangeeta back to the Vedas themselves.

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śloka from Gandharva Veda