Yoga Vaisistha

Also known as -  
योग वैशिष्ठ:

Yoga Vasishta is also known as Maha Ramayana, Uttar Ramayana, Vasistha Ramayana etc. Yoga Vasishta in its original form written in the Sanskrit language by Sage Valmiki. Yoga Vasistha, the spiritual teaching imparted by Spiritual Guru Vasistha to young Lord Shri Rama.

Yoga Vasistha is a manual for the sincere spiritual seeker. Through the use of stories, parables and illustrations which hold many hidden depths within them, Guru Vasistha brings out the most subtle points, not for theorizing but for practice. The nature of the stories and their deep-rooted philosophies are designed to open the levels of awareness.

Yoga Vasistha is in the form of replies given by Guru Vasishta, to young Lord Shri Rama’s queries regarding philosophical problems of life, death, human suffering etc. Guru Vasistha makes it very clear that the problem is the confusion of the real with the unreal, or change, due to the seeming reality of its appearance. Life is the field where this takes place and life must also be the field where this corrected.

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Yoga Vaisistha Chapters

Famous Shloka from Yoga Vaisistha

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