In past times our ancestors celebrated didn’t focus much on sustainable Diwali as at that time the plastic and amount of industrialization didn’t exist.  But now, our prime consideration should be on sustainable Diwali.

Diwali, also known as Deepawali, signifies “awareness of the inner light.” It is, in some ways, a celebration of the awakening and knowledge of the Inner Light, which has the ability to shine brightly in the face of darkness.

People decorate their homes with diyas, rangolis, as well as embroidered lights, wear new clothes, exchange sweets as well as gifts, burn crackers, and perform Lakshmi Pujan in the evening on this day. After ten days of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami, Deepawali is celebrated.

Because of the air pollution created by firecracker smoke, burning firecrackers is hazardous to one’s health. Pollution is a major problem in today’s society, with numerous negative consequences for the environment.

Significance of Sustainable Diwali

Diwali was traditionally marked by the lighting of clay lamps in homes to symbolise the triumph of good over evil by banishing the darkness with light, as well as the exchange of sweets and wishes, which was followed or preceded by Lakshmi puja. It also entailed waking up before the sun rose, taking an oil bath, and dressing in new clothing, as it does today. The much-anticipated exploding of firecrackers follows this tradition.

However, with all of the rhetoric about protecting the environment and going green, Diwali cannot be overlooked. Firecrackers are a clear source of noise and dust pollution, as well as harmful chemicals. So, why not consider ways to have a green Diwali?

Some proposals include returning to tradition and lighting clay lamps with cotton wicks and oil in our homes, possibly purchased from NGOs. Instead of blasting firecrackers, get together with long-lost cousins and friends, exchange sweets, and invite folks over for lunch or dinner. Visit orphanages or homes for the needy and spend some time with them to bring a smile and cheer to those who are less fortunate.

Here’s how to have a sustainable Diwali in 4 easy steps.

1. Reduce power consumption

The Significance Of The Five Days Of Diwali
The Significance Of The Five Days Of Diwali

Ordinary electronic lights consume a lot of energy; rather, utilise the traditional manner to celebrate the event, such as light days as well as candles, which are a good substitute. Flowers, LED lamps, LED lights, as well as rangolis, should be used to decorate our homes.

2. Use fewer firecrackers

Ye Diwali Vidya Wali

For many people, especially youngsters, Diwali is incomplete without crackers. We must also examine the pollution of the air and noise created by the firecrackers. But we have few easy solutions to this issue.

  1. Celebrate Deepawali as a group, this way everybody gets to burst crackers, but there are fewer crackers.
  2. Use Eco-Pataka which will be non or less harmful for our own health and our planet (Prithvi) health.
  3. You can also use our digital Firecrackers page to burst some digital non-polluting firecrackers.

3. Reduce your use of plastic

5 Ideas For A Sustainable Diwali 2021

One of the most exciting aspects of the Deepawali celebration is Diwali shopping! Shopping, on the other hand, necessitates a large number of plastic bags. When we go shopping, let’s say no to plastic shopping bags and instead use cloth bags.

4. Made Rangoli from Organic Colours

Brahma Deepawali 2021

Rangolis are an important feature of Diwali celebrations. Pretty as well as colourful based upon the idea our homes look lovely, yet synthetic colours are harmful to the environment and create major health problems when inhaled. Instead, make rangolis out of flowers or use eco-friendly colours that aren’t harmful to the environment. Organic rangoli colours are readily accessible in marketplaces.

5. Plant a tree this Diwali

Plant A Tree For Sustainable Diwali

We all know plants/trees are lifelines of this planet, and festivals are the best time to do our fair share for the planet. Let’s pledge to plant a tree and celebrate a more green and conscious Diwali. For every cracker, we bust this Diwali if we plant a tree we will compensate 10x-100x oxygen we used to celebrate our divine festival of light.

Let’s follow these small steps ourselves and invite/motivate others for the same to celebrate a future-friendly Diwali in 2021. Use #YeDiwaliSustainableWali to let us know in your posts.

Wish you a Happy Prosperous and Sustainable Diwali this year


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