Asotra brahma temple

Barmer, Rajasthan
Asotra brahma temple


Open throughout the week: 5 a.m. to 9 p.m


In the building of the main entry hall, Jaisalmer's yellow (golden stone) was employed. The temple's rest is built of Jodhpur stone (Chhitar Stone). Shri Brahma Ji's idol is constructed of marble. The carving work, on the other hand, is one-of-a-kind. The temple's foundation was erected on April 20, 1961, but the god was not enthroned until May 6, 1984.


Shree Khetaramji Maharaj built the Brahma Asotra temple. He traveled from Pati Village to Aasotra Village, where there is a pyao of 24 villages, and decided to build Shree Brahmaji Mandir at Aasotra. He conducted bhumi Pujan, constructed Shiv Dhuna, and began construction on Lord Brahma Temple on Vaishakh Shukla Panchami 2018 (April 20, 1961). He exclusively accepted gifts from Rajpurohits to build the Shree Brahma temple, which began in the hamlet of Jasol. Receipts were used for all donations, and these are still available. Lord Brahma wanted his water to stay out of people's feet, so he built pipes deep into the soil and placed Kashyapraj at the bottom of the pipes. Lord Brahma was finally installed in the main temple on Vaishak Shukla Panchami Vikram samvant 2041 (May 6, 1984) at 12:20 p.m., with tens of thousands of people attending the holy ritual. At 12:20 a.m., just after the 12-hour ceremony, Shree Khetaramji Maharaj sat in a lotus posture and exited his body by uttering "Hari Om.


How to reach ?

Q77V+5V4, Asotra, Rajasthan - 344022
  • By Train: Asotra village is well connected to Balotra city railway junction, which is 10km. Besides that, there are also several passenger trains running in the city.
  • By Air: Jodhpur airport is located nearby Asotra. There are several flights from the major cities of the country to Jodhpur.
  • By Bus: There are plenty of public and private buses available in the Jodhpur city or Balotra city that run on the highways, or if you want, you can also plan a road trip for enjoying the way sites well.


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