Chaturshringi Temple

Pune, Maharashtra
Chaturshringi Temple


The sanctuary is tremendous and it remains at 90 feet high and 125 feet wide. The sanctuary portrays "force and confidence." The Chaturshringi sanctuary is situated on the inclination of a slope on Senapati Bapat Road.

The directing divinity of Chaturshringi sanctuary is Goddess Chaturshringi who is otherwise called Goddess Ambareshwari. It is said that one needs to climb 100 stages of Chaturshringi sanctuary to connect with the altar of Goddess Chaturshringi. Aside from the directing god Goddess Chaturshringi's sanctuary, the premises likewise incorporate sanctuaries of Goddess Durga and Bhagwaan Ganesha separately and this incorporates eight little icons of Ashtavinayaka. In any case, these separate sanctuaries are situated on the four disconnected hills. It additionally incorporates the sanctuary of Vetal Maharaj at the baner pashan end.

Timings of Temple

visiting time

7 AM to 9 PM


Chaturshringi Temple is probably the most seasoned sanctuary of Maharashtra and is said to have been built during the time in force of the Maratha Bhagwaan Shivaji and the sanctuary is dealt with by Chaturshringi Devasthan trustees.

The Chaturshringi sanctuary is viewed as an image of force and confidence. Quantities of aficionados from everywhere the world regularly stay with the sanctuary with affection and commitment for the managing god consistently. The sanctuary has plentiful of excellence and significance that even the matured individuals upset their unpredictability and climb 100 stages to connect with the heavenly dedication of Goddess Chaturshringi.

It is also believed that the primary purpose for the creation of the temple was the utmost devotion and worship towards the supervising deity Goddess Chaturshringi.

The legend of Chaturshringi Temple follows the story of a rich merchant named Durlabhsheth Pitambardas Mahajan. This man was very rich and religious and was also a passionate devotee of Saptashringi Mata. It is also said that he used to travel all the way from Pune to Vani only for the sake of worshipping the presiding Goddess of the temple every year on the full moon day of Chaitra.

Notwithstanding, as he developed more established his age to some degree upset him to travel and visit the sanctuary. Following this, in view of his actual commitment the directing Goddess showed up in his fantasy and requested that he uncover her object of worship from a mountain in the northwestern district of Pune so she can remain close to her fan.

Following the order of his darling Goddess, he went there and outlined that spot and at the appointed time experienced marvel when he tracked down a conventional sculpture of his cherished Goddess. He then, at that point chose to develop the sanctuary at that spot and the whole occasion prompted the establishment of the Chaturshringi Mandir and from that point forward it has been redesigned a few times.

How to reach ?

971, Senapati Bapat Rd, Sheti Mahamandal, Shivaji Co operative Housing Society, Ramoshivadi, Gokhalenagar, Pune, Maharashtra - 411016

By Train: Sivajinagar railway station , Dapodi railway station , Khadki railway station

By Air: Chaturshringi airport , Chhatrapati shivaji international airport , Gandhinagar aiport

By Bus: Mumbai , Satara , Raigad , Ahmednagar


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