Dasaswamedeshwar Mahadev

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


Lord Shiva sent Lord Brahma to Kashi to create disturbance in the Kingdom to make King Divodas leave the Holy City. (For details kindly refer to Divodaseshwar). Lord Brahma assumed the guise of an old Brahmin and visited King Divodas. He was welcomed with honour by King Divodas, who asked the guest (Lord Brahma) as to what can be done for his comfort. The old Brahmin said he desired to perform Ashwa Medha Yagna and requested the King to provide all the materials and arrangements.

Lord Brahma, with the help of King Divodas, performed not just one but ten Aswa Medha Yagnas. The place where he performed these Yagnas is known as Dasaswamedh Teerth (now known as Dasaswamedh Ghat). Prior to that the place was known as Rudra Sarovar.


The temple remains open practically throughout the day. Aarties are conducted in the morning and evening.

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