Jagannath Temple

Kannathur, Chennai
Jagannath Temple

Timing of the Temple

06:30 am - 07:30 pm


The temple is very alike in the form of another popular temple, the Puri Jagannath temple, Orissa. The deities have been constructed in Neem wood and the shrine itself is made of shining, black granite and gleaming white marble, from Kancheepuram and Orissa. The temple walls are embellished with Pata Chitra paintings, some representing the many manifestations of Bhagwan Vishnu. Succulent green gardens and mixed with sea smells, thankfulness to a nearby beach, enclose the temple, making it scenic and peaceful.

Religious Significance

Rath Yatra, is the main festival rejoiced at the Jagannath Temple of Chennai. The festival takes place throughout the Hindu month of Asadh, on Ashad Shukla Dwitiya. This is another day of the fortnight of Ashad, which commonly happens during June or July.
During the festival, the deities are brought to Mausi Bari, which means, the home of the aunt, they are taken to Kannathur village during the festival. Various people attend the walk pulling the strings of the chariot. This is deemed to be a holy act by the devotees. The deities are retained in Mausi Bari for six days. On the seventh day, the chariot reverts to the Jagannath temple with the idols. The arrival journey is recognized as Ghurti Rath Yatra. Thousands of devotees dance here throughout the Rath Yatra as it is assumed that Bhagwan Jagannath opens his eyes through this time to bless the worshipers.


The temple was sanctified on 26 January 2001. The shrine is a copy of the Jagannath temple at Puri and is created in Oriya style. The statues of divinities at the shrine are composed of neem wood, alike to those at the Puri shrine. The shrine is constructed of black granite starting from Kancheepuram and white marble from Rajasthan. The garden around the temple ecosystem comprises an area of one acre. The flowers planted in the lawns alone are utilized for the pooja, which is conveyed in Oriya style.

How to reach ?

Reddy Kuppam Road, Kannathur, off New Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai - 752001

By Train: The Saidapet Railway Station station is the nearest one to Jagannath Temple, Kanathur in Mambalam Gundy

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