Kedareshwar Temple

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Kedareshwar Temple

Timings of Temple

Visiting Time

03.00AM to 11.00PM


Kadareswara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built by Veer Ballala II, a Hoysala King and Ketaladevi, his Queen around 1220 A. D. The stunning structure has traditional Hoysala style architecture in soapstone and has enchantingly intricate carvings, relief work and sculptures depicting the legends of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.


According to Kashi Khand, a man performed his son Vashisht’s upanayana ritual in Ujjain. Vashisht, the boy, was a devout Hindu who conducted all poojas, including Linga pooja, among others. He and his Guru would frequently travel to the Himalayas to perform Lord Kedareshwar’s puja at the Kedareshwar Temple.

The Guru tragically passed away once while traveling to Kedareshwar, but because he had always performed only good deeds, he was able to find refuge at Mount Kailash. Vashisht, who was 12 years old at the time, realized that individuals who visit Kedareshwar for darshan are blessed with all punyas. He subsequently went and made himself at home in Kashi.

But for 61 years, Vashisht (who remained a Brahmachari) used to travel to Kedareshwar Ling in the Himalayas on all Chaitra Month Poornima days (March 20–April 21). But because of his advanced age, he was unable to go, so he began worshipping Lord Shiva in Kashi. Vashisht asked Lord Shiva to gently manifest as Kedareshwar in Kashi and was granted a wish by Lord Shiva.

Vashisht’s earnestness and devotion moved Lord Shiva, who responded by making the appropriate donation. He took the shape of Kedareshwar in Kashi and informed Vashisht that doing pooja to Kedareshwar there would result in seven times more Punya than offering pooja to Kedareshwar in the Himalayas (Kashi Khand, Chapter 77).

In Kashi Khand, references to Kedareshwar are made to Gauri Kund, Hans Teerth, and Manasarovar Teerth; now, only Gauri Kund is left. Hans Teerth and Manasarovar are no longer available. People practice vrat (fasting) on Shukla Paksha Chaturdasi in Chaitra Month (March 20–April 20) and break their fast on Poornima Day the next day after conducting Kedareshwar’s puja. In Kashi Khand, where Vashisht used to worship Lord Kedareshwar on Chaitra Poornima days, it was reported as such (as mentioned in para above). Omkar Khand, Vishweshwar Khand, and Kedar Khand are the three Khands that makeup Kashi. A person who passes away in Kashi is thought to achieve Mukti.

Further, if a person passes away in the Kedar Khand-controlled region, they would immediately achieve Mukti, however, in the other two Khands, they will have to endure some type of suffering. There are twelve Jyotirlingas in India, and in Kashi, there are twelve significant Shiv Lings that serve as representations of the aforementioned twelve Jyotirlingas. In Varanasi, the Shiv Ling is revered as Kedareshwar Jyotirling.

How to reach ?

72X4+HXG, Kedar ghat, Bangali Tola, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221001
Uttar Pradesh

By Train: Trains are always a better option. these days Varanasi junction is keeping the way all good. Kedareshwar temple is just few km away from Varanasi junction.

By Air: Book your tickets to the Gorakhpur airport, which is few km away from the temple. as Varanasi airport is well connected to other city Airports.

By Bus: One can travel directly to the temple. various local and private bus services are available for visiting Varanasi.


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