Mukteswara Temple

Bhubaneshwar, Odisha


The Mukteswara Temple, held in high reverence, is an essential tourist destination in Bhubaneswar. Constructed in the 10th century, this temple is widely regarded as a "Gem of Odisha" due to its magnificent architecture, intricate sculptures, and detailed carvings. It stands as a dedicated homage to Lord Shiva, showcasing the distinctive Kalinga architectural style.


According to ancient legends, the credit for constructing this temple is attributed to King Yayati I of the Somavamshi Dynasty. This dynasty is renowned for building several magnificent shrines in Bhubaneswar, a city often referred to as the Temple City of India.


Standing at a height of around 35 feet, the temple is a remarkable example of the Kalinga architectural style. It is revered as a "Gem of Odisha" due to its exquisite craftsmanship, characterized by intricate carvings, diamond-shaped lattice windows, and sculptures depicting characters from the beloved Panchatantra tales.

Enclosed within an octagonal compound wall adorned with intricate carvings, the temple showcases a unique architectural pattern that is believed to have been an innovative development from its predecessors. This distinctive pattern subsequently influenced the architecture of later temples in the city, making it a significant milestone in the evolution of temple architecture in the region.

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