Sri Kalika Devi Temple

Belgaum, Karnataka
Sri Kalika Devi Temple


6:00 AM to 12:00 PM

3:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Sri Kalika Devi Temple is a Hindu sanctuary situated in the little town of Sirasangi in Belgaum area of Karnataka, India. It is one of the mainstream sanctuaries in Karnataka, and among the best spot to visit as a feature of Hubli Packages.

This temple is known for its historical and mythological importance. Cultural and religious programs are celebrated on the half-moon day known as Amavasya. One of the major festivals celebrated here is Ugadi.

Legend :

According to the examinations led by the department of archaeology , the sanctuary of Shri Kalika Devi in Sirsangi may have been developed during the main century. Sirasangi is referenced as Rishishringapura, Pirishingi, or Hirishingi in two records from a similar spot dated 1148 of Jagadekamalla and another dated 1186 of Someshwara IV. It was a prominent business place.

As indicated by Itihassa , Kalika Devi Temple is the specific spot where sage Vrushya Shrunga is engaged with repentance. Be that as it may, devils like Narundasur, Bettasura, and Nalundasur upset his reflection. Then, at that point the goddesses Chikkumbasura (Chikkumbi) and Hirekumbasura (Hirekumbi) killed these evil spirits regarding the please of the plain Vrushya Shrunga. The Goddesses later settled down here and thusly the asylum of Sri Kalika Devi was brought up in Sirsangi.

The place likewise has numerous landmarks, and sanctuaries including Kalmeshwara Temple, and Bhairaveshwara or Kalamma Temple. Likewise, there are two little hillocks at the edges of the town, one having a cavern privately called Maunappanagavi and the hillock is called Kallupuragudda. The cavern can oblige around 200 individuals. Another hillock close to Kalika sanctuary has a cavern privately called Siddeshwaragavi, congenial by climbing almost 200 stages. One would see a Shivlinga inside the cavern.

How to reach ?

Q489+63M, Shirasangi Thaluk Balgaum Dist., Saundatti, Belgaum, Karnataka - 590016
  • By Train: nearest railway station is Hubli.
  • By Air: nearest airport is Belgaum which is around 100 km and Hubli around 72km.
  • By Bus: Kalika devi temple is 62 km away from Dharwad and is on the Dharwad – Bijapur route. It is 2km away from the bus stand.


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