Sun Temple

Konark, Odisha
Sun Temple


The architecture of Konark sun temple follows the Kalinga style of construction. The 12 pair of wheels corresponds to 12 months of the Hindu Calendar. The 24 wheels measure 12 feet in diameter and are carved beautifully. The 7 horses are designed in such a way that they always seem like pulling the chariot with all their strength. During dawn and at the time of sunrise, it feels like the horses are coming from the depths of the blue sea, carrying the sun along with it.

The general construction of the temple adheres to square and circle geometry. This temple is also called Deu; surrounded by various shrines dedicated to other Hindu gods and goddesses. Another section which is in front of this is called Jagamohana(mainly known as Mandapa in other parts of India). Jagamohana and the Main Temple comprised four areas: the platform, the wall, the trunk, and the mistake(Crowning head).  On the East side of the shrine is called Nata Mandira(the dance temple), which is carved beautifully and stands on a high platform.

The stones which are used in the construction of this temple are- Chlorite, Laterite, and Khondalite. These all are the different types of Sandstones. The Khondalite stones withers quickly and because of that, the erosion in the temple is clearly seen in the temple complex. Various areas of the temple are damaged due to erosion.

Timings of Temple

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According to one tale, the magnetic force of the Magnet placed on the top of the temple was so strong that it would cause various troubles with the compasses of the ships that passed along that area. And because of that, navigation would be difficult for the sailors. To prevent their ships and also to save their business or trade, the Portuguese traders destroyed the temple and stole the loadstone. This is believed one of the causes of the destruction of the temple. As there are not any historical pieces of evidence or proof of this event it’s only supposed to be a myth nowadays. No one knows whether the magnet existed or not.

How to reach ?

Konark, Odisha - 752111

By Train: Puri Railway Station is the nearest railway station from the Konark Temple. It is 30 km from Konark.

By Air: Bhubaneswar Airport or Biju Patnaik International Airport is 65 km and around an hour-long drive from the Konark Sun Temple. You can easily get taxis on hire to reach Konark from the airport.

By Bus: Konark Bus Stand is 6 minutes from the Sun Temple. You can board a bus from Puri and reach Konark in an hour.


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