Tiruvannamalai Arunachalesvara

Tiruvannamalai , Tamil Nadu


The Arunāchaleshvar temple is located in Thiruvannamalai, an important religious town in Tamil Nadu. The temple is part of the 5 shiva temples known as Pancha-bhuta-sthalam, where each temple is dedicated to the 5 basic elements (fire, water, air, ether & earth). Thiruvannamalai is the Agni Sthalam i.e, it represents the cosmic fire.


5:30 AM to 12:30 PM

3:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Puja timings:
05:30 A.M Ukshakala
08:00 A.M Kala santhi
11:30 A.M Uchikala
05:30 P.M Sayaratchai
07:30 P.M Irandam Kala
09:00 P.M Arthajama


The temple is mentioned in ancient Thevaram poems, the most famous of them sung by Appar Sambandar. It also finds a significant place in the Periyapurānam aka Thirurhondar purānam composed by Sekkizhar.  The temple was constructed by the Chola dynasty with continuous additions and patronage from various later kingdoms such as the Hoysala, Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva & Vijayanagara. The temple stands at the center of the city, urbanized hundreds of years before the advent of western influence and rule in India.

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