Aathma Upanishad

It is one of the 31 Upanishads, associated with the Atharvaveda. It is classified as a Samanya (general) and Vedantic Upanishad.

The Upanishad describes three types of Self (atman): the external self (body), the inner self (individual soul) and the highest self (the Brahman, Paramatma, Purusha). The text asserts that one must meditate, during Yoga, on the highest self as one's self that is partless, spotless, changeless, desireless, indescribable, all-penetrating. The Upanishad is a short text, structured as a mix of prose and verse poetry. It is presented as a sermon by the Vedic sage Angiras on body, mind, soul and Paramatma.

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ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः