Lakhunaradheeya Purana

The Lakhunaradheeya Purana follows the style of the Brihannaradiya Purana in the first 41 chapters of Purvabhaga, but the rest of the first part and second part are encyclopedic covering a diverse range of topics. The encyclopedic sections discuss subjects such as the six Vedangas, Moksha, Dharma, Adhyatma-jnana (monastic life), Pashupata philosophy, a secular guide with methods of worship of Ganesha, various avatars of Vishnu (Mahavisnu, Nrisimha, Hayagriva, Rama, Krishna), Lakshmana, Hanuman, goddesses such as Devi and Mahalakshmi, as well as Shiva. The text glorifies the knowledge of Rishi Narada. * Likhita Smriti- Likhita Smriti is told in 93 verses by Sage Likhita. Sage Likhita is considered as an authority by the followers of Shukla Yajurvedins. He is co author of dharma sutra with his brother Sankha which was found quoted by many but not available now. Mainly a little bit common as Sankha Smriti.


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