Narasimha Purana

It occupies an important place among the UPA-Puranas and like other Puranas, this is also considered to be compiled by Vyasa. On the contrary, this purana dwells at length on one or more particular subjects and five primary topics-1.) Primary creation or Cosmogony 2.) Secondary creation 3.) Genology of gods and patriarchs 4.) reigns of the Manus 5.) History of the Solar and Lunar dynasties. It contains various episodes of the incarnation of lord Vishnu, specially Narasimha (the man-lion) avatar and Rama Avatar. There are 25 chapters, which describe all topics related with Purana. It describes the story of Rishi Markandeya's victory over death and YamaGita. The firm of devotion,definition of a true devotee and the character of devotees like Dhruva has been described in this Purana. Despite being small it's full of meaning.


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